Social Media

Strengthen your online brand and customer relationships. Make some new friends. Connect and convert.

Social media marketing, put simply, is the task of creating content to post on your social media channels. It's a great way to increase brand awareness, attract and engage customers, generate leads and boost conversions for your business.


You want to ensure the content you are posting is unique and tailored to your audience, as well as the social media channel you are using.

Social strategies

Our social strategy is divided into two parts: social media content and social media advertising.

Social media content

We help you to create and distribute content on your chosen platforms, using your brand voice, so that you can build an engaged and loyal following. Our tailored social strategy service includes the best platform(s) for your business to focus on, when to post, how to engage on your social channels, assistance with caption writing and hashtag research, as well as a monthly report.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising campaigns are based on your business and marketing goals. We help you to set up targeted ad campaigns on two of the top social media channels – Facebook and Instagram. Whilst we recommend starting your social advertising journey on these two channels specifically, there are a number of other channels where you can generate a consistent return for your business.

How we work

Listen: we learn about your business


We learn about your business and your customers

Plan: the right ideas to move you forward


The right ideas and services to move you forward

Apply: we put the plan into action


We put the plan into action

Grow: we analyse, optimise, report and grow


We analyse, optimise, report and grow

We learn

We start with a consultation to gain insight into your existing social media channels, your business and marketing goals, your budget and your target audience.

We plan

We run a quick audit on your social media platforms to see what stage you're at and where we can help you grow. 

We apply

We provide you with an actionable social media marketing plan to fit your budget and get results. Whether you need help to set up your accounts, create and manage your social content or run targeted ad campaigns, we can help you to get started.

We grow

Ready to go? Our action plan is ready for you to manage on your own; but if you’d prefer a bit of help, we can help you to manage your new social strategy.