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We help

Clients big and small connect with their audience.

What we do

We help bring the most important parts of your business together. We promote your brand, generate new leads and connect you with your customers.


Explore our core digital marketing services below.

We listen, ask questions and come up with ideas specific to your business. We love it when a plan comes together.

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Digital Strategy
Search Engine Optimisation

Increase quality site traffic. Be visible and make sure your customers can find you when they need to. 

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Social Media Advertising

Grow your online visibility and make more sales. 

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Design and build a great website and brand experience.

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The fastest way to become highly visible on search engines.

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Email & SMS

Communicate with your audience when they need to hear you.

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Bringing new business

to small business.

We are a digital marketing agency dedicated to small business, devoted to simplicity and focused on results.

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we can help?





What our clients say

We pride ourselves on results and happy clients.

"Having Derryn onboard to assist in our SEM has been an absolute highlight. It is rare to outsource to someone and have them care about the business as though it was their own but we have absolutely found this in Derryn. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field she is precise, reliable and efficient and an asset to our business. "

Hayley Culley 

Director of Creative & Marketing

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About us


Einstein once said, "If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. At Strawberry Leopard, we love finding and removing unnecessary complication. It makes things easier.

Our mission

We are a small Australian business, and we want to help other local businesses. Their social and economic purpose is more important than ever. Our mission is servicing that customer base with dedication and devotion. 

Forget the pink panther

Strawberry leopards are real and they are awesome. We wanted a name that would pique interest and stand out in a busy online space - curiosity isn't going to kill this cat!

How we came about

Derryn Willis - Founder

Creating a business from scratch is a scary proposition. You have to build, learn, network, add value and get comfortable doing things that used scare you. But when clients send awesome messages about how we have helped their business, we feel like the cat's pyjamas!

Derryn Willis, founder of Strawberry Leopard

Derryn is an organiser by nature who finds joy in a well executed plan. Her career in digital marketing has taken her around the world (and she has the fridge magnets to prove it). She has worked as a digital strategist, marketer, social media manager, editor, copywriter, project manager, and managed multiple websites across Asia Pacific and Europe, for businesses big and small.

Regardless of where she’s worked, or who she’s worked with, her philosophy has always boiled down to something pretty simple: people like working with people that get stuff done.

Curious to see how we can help?

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